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A freedom call for every mom who feels she is never enough

Being a mom is the greatest job in the world … at least that’s what most of us imagined.

The truth is, motherhood is hard — really hard. We love our kids, but if we’re honest, some days, we’d rather fly the coop instead.

How do we enjoy the moments when the days feel like eternity?

How do we love our kids in the midst of the chaos, mama mess-ups and

Pinterest-painted expectations of motherhood?

Are you trying to be a good mom but feel like a worn out, burnt out,

stressed out mess?

Do you long to break free from the comparison-driven insecurities and

guilt-ridden failures of motherhood?

If so, then close your eyes. Imagine someplace calm and quiet.

Then start reading. Because, honey, this book is for you!

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