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Safe...or Free?

We spend a lot of our time and focus on staying safe, but does God have bigger dreams for us? Have you ever longed to live a great adventure with God, but feel trapped in a pit of fear, shame or insecurity? God has a big calling on our lives. He wants to use us to set captives free. But first we must climb out of the pit. Using the story of Gideon, this talk deals with the fears that hold us captive and the wild love of God that sets us free.

Starry Eyed

Motherhood is the greatest job in the world -- at least, that's what they told us! Most of us had dreams of what our life as moms would look like. But the reality is often different from the dream. Do you long to break free from the comparison-driven insecurities and guilt-ridden failures of motherhood? Are you trying to be a good mom but feel like a worn out, stressed out, burnt out mess? This talk encourages moms to let go of the standard of perfection our culture has placed on moms today and discover the moms God has uniquely created each of us to be.




The Spanx of Truth

We all long for freedom. We long to stand tall in who we are and Whose we are. But many of us are weighed down with shame and guilt. We can’t see straight because we’re bent over with our faces in the dust. The enemy feeds us lies from the time we are little girls until we actually believe we are as unworthy of love as he tells us. But when we learn to see ourselves from God’s perspective, pulling up our Spanx of Truth, we can live standing tall. In the battle for hearts, truth wins. Every. Single. Time.


God has created us a women to be a force of healing and hope in this world, but often insecurities and unforgiveness hold us back. Digging into the story of Jacob and Esau, this talk brings to light the radical notion of forgiveness from an unlikely character. When we know how wildly loved we are by God, we can be the face of God to others. This world is searching our faces for Jesus. Will it find Him there?

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

September 27th

First Baptist Fort Mill

Fort Mill, SC



May 9th

Historic Stamey

Mother's Day Dinner

Fallston, NC

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